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Prosenergy can handle your social media needs, whether you’re a small local business or a medium-to-large national or international firm.

Here are 7 Tips For Hiring A Social Media Agency and Consultant:

  1. Is the company well-funded and -staffed?   There are obviously college kids in the dorm rooms handling social media for some companies but that’s not a solution that will have long term success.   Look for a company that has staying power and solid financials.
  2. Does the company work 7 days a week and have redundancy when staff are sick or on vacation?   Social media is 7 days a week not just 5.  And look also for staff backup: your social media manager may get sick, and if that’s the case the company better have someone trained to speak in your business’ voice when they aren’t available.
  3. Is the company experienced in handling multiple verticals?   Effective social media management means that the social media manager is speaking in your voice.   And there’s clearly a difference between a car dealership and a high-end steak house.  Make sure that the company is able to train a social media manger in your niche.
  4. Are the company’s executives able to help you in setting your company’s strategy?   Make sure that the company that you’re talking to is able to have their executives talk with you about your long term strategy.
  5. Does the company provide clients weekly reports showing engagement and ROI?   Looking for a return on your investment is critical.  Demand accountability for your money spent.
  6. Can the company provide verifiable testimonials from clients and social media consultants?   Make sure the agency is walking the walk.
  7. Can the company do both ad management and engagement for maximum benefit?   With more people coming on Facebook and Facebook’s newsfeed getting crowded, relying upon organic growth to build a fan page is a losing proposition.  Look for a company that can handle both daily engagement and Facebook PPC (pay per click) management.

Fortunately, we can answer ‘yes‘ to all of the above.  So, let’s get started.  Call 888.929.7363


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