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Reputation Marketing – The Game Has Changed

In the short (6 minute) video below, we explain how recent huge changes in the online marketplace are forcing businesses to throw out the old rules and focus on Reputation Marketing, even if they never had a reputation strategy before.

Where your reputation is everything and your name or brand is much more than just a label, business reputation marketing is a necessity.  People can – and do – say anything.  There are very few rules as to what is allowed, and on the Internet, very few ways to punish or penalize those who disparage your reputation, however unfairly.  Like it or not, people talk about your business.  You don’t even have to have a website to have a web presence. You can have a substantial presence that is made up of content you have no control over.  At least, that used to be the case.  No longer.  Now, there are tools and methods that allow you, the business owner, to gain back control. Reputation marketing is not just fighting or avoiding negative reviews.  It’s all about building trust with your market and consumers. Want to know what others are saying about your business online and where you rank according to critical success factors? Click here and enter your business phone number to get your Local Reputation Report in seconds. Once you do, you will not only be given your own custom report but you will also have an opportunity to request a 27-minute video teaching our reputation marketing strategies.

Working with tools like citation sites – Yelp, Google, CitySearch and many others – and a managed customer feedback program, you can be assured you’re getting the ‘stars’ your business has worked hard for.  Because prospects searching for you online make snap decisions based on how many stars they see as well as the quantity and quality of the reviews they read. Some aspects of reputation marketing can make changes quickly, others take time to show the positive effects you’re looking for.  That’s why it’s important to make reputation marketing a priority and get started now. Call us today.  888-929-7363   And see stars!

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