Google says 2 out of every 3 local business searches now comes from a mobile device, like a phone or iPad. It’s not enough to just expect people to view your current site on one of these devices. You must now have a mobile-optimized version of your site or visitors will get turned off immediately – and leave. It’s frustrating to ‘pinch and zoom’ to see details on a site that has not been mobile-optimized.

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You need to focus on the specific needs of a mobile user. First, the links should be large and preferably in the form of buttons so it’s clear where they need to touch to take action. Second, it’s got to load fast. All the extra data on your non-mobile-optimized site will take a lot longer to load. Then they usually want to know just a few things, not everything that’s covered on your regular site: – Where are you located and how do I get there? – What hours are you open? – Are appointments needed and when can you take me (fine dining, lawyers, dentists, etc)? – What are your services or can we see a menu (prices optional)? Everything else is secondary. So your mobile site probably won’t even closely resemble your non-mobile site, except for branding and color scheme, of course. We can quickly set you up with a mobile-optimized version of your site. And the nice thing is, you won’t even have to tell visitors how to find it. We use technology that let’s them find it automatically. When they visit your regular site, this technology senses they are using a mobile device and refers them seamlessly over to the mobile version. And if they really want to, we put a link on there that still allows them to visit your non-mobile site. If you want to see this technology in action, just visit https://pro-senergy.com from your mobile device. Or, if you’re on a desktop, it won’t look quite as good but you’ll get the general idea by going to https://pro-senergy.com/mobile We also offer other mobile advertising services like QR codes and SMS marketing.

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